Our values

«Values are more important than aims»

In our work we rely on the fundamental priority of health which is the undeniable value of life and natural beauty of every inhabitant of the planet.

Our values are a set of spoken and unspoken rules, through which our organization's employees determine priorities, formulate a system of behavior and standards through which everyone can succeed.

Customer Orientation

Deep understanding and satisfaction of customer's needs is an important factor in all business processes of our organization.


We consider competence as a high skill, profound mastery of the profession, qualitative and professional execution of rutine tasks. Talent is to lend soul to what we do.


We improve our leadership qualities: vision of perspectives, ability to meet not problems, but challenges, courage to make decisions and take responsibility, ability to inspire and motivate others around.


Global concept in our company presupposes permanent improvement of goods quality, production technologies, processes and personnel qualification.


We unite talents and technologies.


We believe in future and success. Our worldview makes us to perform functions at the highest possible level.


Courage is ability to defeat own fears, to be quick in decisions and act immediately.

Courage is the beginning of victory.


We are open, decent and responsible in all aspects of our activities.