Commitment to the idea of ethical business conduct imposes on us honorable obligations to conduct business transparently, in good faith and in a civilized manner, answering to the community for each of its actions.

The real quality is not limited to systems, processes, technologies and methods. Self-discipline, commitment, decency, indifference and honest work - that's what the value system of our company is based on.

We immensely appreciate the trust of patients and doctors towards the products produced under the brand name Lamyra, and we are constantly working to confirm our reputation as a reliable and responsible manufacturer of safe, effective and high-quality pharmaceutical products.

We do care

By making a significant contribution to improving the health of our patients around the world, we never forget about our commitments and remain faithful to the most rigorous ethical standards in every aspect of our work from scientific development and production to marketing activities.

We are proud of the well-coordinated work of our team and its results, and even greater pride for us is the opportunity to really change the lives of our patients for the better.


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