Multizan® Ferrum 30

Chelated complex of iron bisglycinate (calculated as elemental iron 30 mg).

Pharmaceutical form

Coated tablets.

Properties of components

A chelated form of iron bisglycinate contributes to maintaining iron reserves in the body, gently effects on the digestive system (does not cause mucosal irritation and constipation), does not stain the teeth in a dissolved form. Iron supports the immune system and the hematopoiesis system, increases endurance during mental and physical loads, supports skin and hair health, increases resistance to stress and contributes to healthy behavior during pregnancy.


It is used as an additional source of iron. The need of iron drug products in women increases during the period of pregnancy, in case of heavy menstrual bleedings, a low iron food content and the chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Route of administration

Use orally before meals or 1-2 hour(s) after meals. A daily dose can be divided into several doses or taken at a time.

Women Pregnant women
Physiological need of iron, mg 18 33
Recommended quantity 0,5-1 tablet 1-1,5 tablet(s)
% of recommended daily intake 83-166 % 91-136 %
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