Argentocare Delicate spray

Silver nanocolloids, aloe vera, licorice and sage extracts.

Pharmaceutical form

Spray with an intravaginal nozzle 60 ml.

Properties of components

Nanocolloidal silver is active against many pathogenic microorganisms, infectious agents — viruses, bacteria and fungi — able to destroy biofilms formed by infectious agents and has an anti-inflammatory action.

Due to the effective concentration of glycyrrhizic acid and other biologically active substances, licorice root extract has an antiviral action (against herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, human papillomavirus), increases non-specific defense factors, reduces inflammation symptoms and contributes to healing microcracks and injuries.

Aloe vera eliminates itching and redness, has an anti-inflammatory action.

Sage extract has a balanced antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, contributes to healing, softens and moisturizes the genital area.


It helps during the complex therapy and prevention of the infectious and inflammatory diseases of female and male genital areas:

  • viral infections — herpes, human papillomavirus, cytomegalovirus;
  • bacterial infections — bacterial vaginosis, non-specific vulvovaginitis;
  • fungal infections — candidal vulvovaginitis.

It can be used during pregnancy and lactation, during menstruation.

Route of administration

Apply a spray after hygienic procedures on the surface of the genital area twice per day or under the doctor's recommendations.

External application: from a distance of 4-5 cm, 1-2 valve pressure(s).

Intravaginally: using a special spray nozzle, 1-2 nozzle actuation(s).

Application for men: a drug is injected into an external urethral opening by 1-2 nozzle actuation(s).

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