Lefol Ferrum

Folate (in the form of calcium L-methylfolate) —400 mcg, chelating complex of iron bisglycinate (calculated as elemental iron 30 mg).

Pharmaceutical form


Properties of components

L-methylfolate and iron are vital nutrients for human health and beauty, participate in the synthesis of hemoglobin, hematopoiesis and cellular respiration. The normal content of folate and iron in the body contributes to growth and development, supports the immune system and the hematopoiesis system, increases endurance during mental and physical loads, maintains the health state of the skin and hair, increases resistance to stress and contributes to healthy behavior during pregnancy.


It is used as an additional source of iron and folic acid:

  • for maintaining the hematopoietic system, the immune system and the nervous system;
  • in case of the deficiency and increased need of iron and folic acid.

A chelated form of iron bisglycinate gently effects on the digestive system (does not cause mucosal irritation and constipation), does not stain the teeth in a dissolved form.

Route of administration

1 tablet per day during meals for adults.

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