Lefol Iodine

Folate (in the form of calcium L-methylfolate) - 400 mcg, iodine (in the form of potassium iodide) - 150 mcg.

Pharmaceutical form


Properties of components

Folic acid in the form of L-methylfolate and iodine contributes to the division and renewal of cells, the synthesis of proteins and amino acids, the functioning of the thyroid gland, growth and mental capacity. A combination of folate and iodine contributes to the increase of conception chances, the prevention of the neural tube's defects and iodine deficiency disorders, the formation of mental capacity and the prevention of thyroid hypo-and hyperfunctions in an unborn child. Out of pregnancy, the combination of iodine and folate protects against the risks associated with high homocysteine levels, cardiovascular events, varicose vein diseases and supports the function of the thyroid gland.


Source of L-methylfolate and iodine. A combination of folate and iodine is recommended for women and men living in the countries endemic for iodine deficiency, as well as in case of a low dietary content of folates and iodine. Folic acid in the form of L-methylfolate is a modern form of folic acid, the biological effect of which does not depend on genetics.

Route of administration

1 tablet per day during meals for adults.

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