Cream Neoderm for external use contains: gramicidin 0.25 mg, neomycin 2.5 mg, nystatin 100,000 IU, triamcinolone acetonide 1 mg. Neoderm is used for the treatment of dermatoses complicated by a secondary fungal or bacterial infection or with a high probability of disease development, which are susceptible to therapy with topical corticosteroids. Neoderm treats atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, chronic simple lichen, psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis. Cream in a tube 15 g and 20 g.
Contains D-Panthenol, mineral salts and glycerin. Nososept is effective against adenoiditis, rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis. The nasal spray contains a silver nanocolloid, which causes rapid disintegration of microorganisms without development of resistance, it has also a pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Glycerin moisturizes the nasal mucosa and D-panthenol promotes its rapid regeneration. All this makes Nososept the drug of choice with acute and chronic adenoiditis, cold and flu and other ENT diseases, accompanied by rhinitis and sinusitis, as well as for the prevention of infections of the nasal cavity. Nasal spray, 25 ml per bottle.
Argento-sept is an agent providing the anti-inflammatory, softening, bactericidal, protective and antiviral effects due to its main active ingredient, the nanocolloidal silver. It is used to treat oral cavity and throat in case of cold and flu. Being in a contact with silver nanoparticles, the membranes of pathogenic microorganisms lose their ability to conduct electrical signals, which leads to disruption of their vital activity. Additionally, the isotonic solution of mineral salts contributes to the mechanical removal of viral particles. Argento-sept reduces pain syndrome and inflammation of throat after several uses. Throat spray, 25 ml per bottle.
Lactoflor Lamyra is effective for maintaining microflora of gastrointestinal tract, prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, and also as a part of complex therapy during treatment with antibiotics. Effective dosage of lactobacilli 2 billion is protected from destruction in the stomach by a special DR capsule. Lamyra Lactoflor contains effective dosage of lactobacilli L.acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L.casei, which supports digestion, improves the state of the intestines and promotes better immunity.
Lactoflor Kiddy is a probiotic preparation for children in the form of chewable tablets with the taste of black currant. It contains an effective dose of lactobacillus L.acidophilus, L.rhamnosus, L.casei, L.plantarum - 2 billion, allowing to parallel antibiotic intake. Lactoflor Kiddy is specially designed for children to support digestion, intestines and immune system every day. Probiotic supplements help in the early development of intestinal children’s microflora.