Uroflor is a complex for maintaining genitourinary system function. Uroflor contains standardized cranberry extract (72 mg of proanthocyanidin per capsule) and effective dosage of 2 billion lactobacilli (2 * 109). It is designed for prevention and treatment of inflammatory disorders of genitourinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis) as a part of complex therapy. It contains lactobacillus L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus and L. casei in unique DR Capsules, that allow to deliver lactobacillus directly into the intestine and protect probiotic activity of microorganisms
Multizan Pregna is a modern complex of vitamins and minerals for pregnant women, for women planning pregnancy, as well as for nursing mothers. Minerals in Multizan Pregna are presented in chelate form, which improves tolerability, increases bioavailability and allows achieving the maximum biological effect with minimal doses administration. A natural beta-carotene was added instead of vitamin A in order to eliminate the risk of malformations of a child, providing the stable growth and proper development of a baby. Lutein ensures the health of mom’s and baby’s eyes.
Multizan Lefol is a biologically active form of folic acid (L-methylfolate). Its effect is being observed among the absolute majority of women and men. L-methylfolate is important for DNA replication, amino acid synthesis and vitamin metabolism. Human body needs L-methylfolate during pregnancy due to its prevention activity against anemia and gestosis. L-methylfolate also protects against congenital fetus malformations and promotes proper fetal growth. Normalization of folate levels in the body is necessary for the synthesis of erythrocytes and neurotransmitters (serotonin and noradrenaline), which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and maintains a good mood. 1 tablet of Multizan Lefol contains 400 μg of L-methylfolate.
Nosacare baby for children is a nasal spray, that quickly restores nasal breathing, helps to cope with rhinitis and to eliminate mucosal edema within less than a minute. The spray contains oxymetazoline, an α-adrenomimetic agent of direct action with a pronounced vasoconstrictive effect. It helps to free breathing through the nose and improves outflow from the paranasal sinuses. The bacterial sedimentation on the mucosa is being prevented and the secretion becomes normalized due to the opening and widening of paranasal sinuses and eustachian tube. Nosacare baby for children is an effective and safe vasoconstrictive drug for the little ones (from 3 years old) with the first symptoms of nasal congestion. Nasal spray, 15 ml per bottle.
Nosacare Osmo is the nasal spray with D-panthenol, glycerin and isotonic solution of mineral salts which moisturizes and restores the nasal mucosa effectively and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Mineral salts help to purify the nasal mucosa, to wash away viruses, bacteria, allergens and contaminants from the surface of the mucous membrane. D-panthenol helps to regenerate the mucus membrane and glycerin has a softening effect helping to moisturize the nasal mucosa and relieve inflammation. Nasal spray, 15 ml per bottle.
Contains D-Panthenol, mineral salts and glycerin. Nososept is effective against adenoiditis, rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis. The nasal spray contains a silver nanocolloid, which causes rapid disintegration of microorganisms without development of resistance, it has also a pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Glycerin moisturizes the nasal mucosa and D-panthenol promotes its rapid regeneration. All this makes Nososept the drug of choice with acute and chronic adenoiditis, cold and flu and other ENT diseases, accompanied by rhinitis and sinusitis, as well as for the prevention of infections of the nasal cavity. Nasal spray, 25 ml per bottle.
Tenorin is used to treat and to prevent acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the throat and oral cavity, as well as to eliminate dryness in the throat. The throat spray is designed for people who are facing the problem of loss of voice, throat dryness and vocal cords fatigue. Tenorin is also used to treat acute and chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Therapeutic effect of the drug is provided by its components: potassium mineral salts, sodium, magnesium and calcium. Tenorin has a moisturizing, emollient, nourishing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal property. Apple and mint natural aromas as components of Tenorin refresh your breath. Oral spray, 25ml per bottle.
Oto-Active ear drops is a safe and effective way of taking care of ear hygiene. Oto-Active softens and removes sulfuric plugs from the external ear canal. Active oxygen as the main composition agent of Oto-active helps to detach and to remove the sulfuric ear plugs. Ethyl alcohol disinfects and prevents the infection of the skin of the outer ear after removing the protective layer of sulfur. Glycerin softens the sulfur plug in the ear and moisturizes the skin of the ear canal. Oto-Active ear drops prevents earwax accumulation and formation of sulfur plugs. Ear drops, 25 ml per bottle.
Argento-sept is an agent providing the anti-inflammatory, softening, bactericidal, protective and antiviral effects due to its main active ingredient, the nanocolloidal silver. It is used to treat oral cavity and throat in case of cold and flu. Being in a contact with silver nanoparticles, the membranes of pathogenic microorganisms lose their ability to conduct electrical signals, which leads to disruption of their vital activity. Additionally, the isotonic solution of mineral salts contributes to the mechanical removal of viral particles. Argento-sept reduces pain syndrome and inflammation of throat after several uses. Throat spray, 25 ml per bottle.
Lactoflor Lamyra is effective for maintaining microflora of gastrointestinal tract, prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, and also as a part of complex therapy during treatment with antibiotics. Effective dosage of lactobacilli 2 billion is protected from destruction in the stomach by a special DR capsule. Lamyra Lactoflor contains effective dosage of lactobacilli L.acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L.casei, which supports digestion, improves the state of the intestines and promotes better immunity.
Lactoflor Kiddy is a probiotic preparation for children in the form of chewable tablets with the taste of black currant. It contains an effective dose of lactobacillus L.acidophilus, L.rhamnosus, L.casei, L.plantarum - 2 billion, allowing to parallel antibiotic intake. Lactoflor Kiddy is specially designed for children to support digestion, intestines and immune system every day. Probiotic supplements help in the early development of intestinal children’s microflora.
Multizan Kiddy contains 16 vitamins combined with 10 minerals, natural antioxidants and 3 additional nutrients, which are important factors in the metabolic processes in the human body. Multizan Kiddy is a full-fledged complex for promoting growth, immunity, universal health and child development. Vitamins and minerals from this dietary supplement strengthen the bones, promote the development of skeleton and muscles, ensure the healthy functioning of internal organs, support eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell. Highly effective formula "all-in-one" strengthens immunity and provides full protection of body cells.
Multizan Zinc provides the body with zinc and copper, in chelate form with amino acids, manufactured by a patented technology. Zinc helps to reduce irritability, fatigue, prevents memory loss and reduces the risk of depression. Together with copper, zinc maintains the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress. 1 capsule contains 15 mg of zinc and 750 μg of copper.