La Mirange® Body Booster Milk


Purified water, glycerine, coconut oil, almond oil, diethylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside, lanoline, simethicone, aloe vera gel, phenoxyethanol, α-tocopherol, chamomile extract, collagen, dexpanthenol, aloe vera perfume, xanthan gum.

Pharmaceutical form

Body booster milk 50 ml, 150 ml.

Properties of components

Collagen replenishes collagen deficiency in the skin, helps to maintain its tone, elasticity and resilience, has a lifting effect.      

Dexpanthenol is a group B vitamin, a biological reparant, contributes to the regeneration of damaged skin, moisturizes, removes peeling and inflammation. 

Aloe juice helps to restore and heal damaged skin, contributes to epithelization, increases the content of collagen and the quantity of fibroblasts in the skin, slows down skin aging process. It has an antimicrobial and antioxidant effect.                                                  

Coconut oil is a natural agent, contributes to the moistening and emolliency of the skin, protects against harmful ultraviolet radiation. 

Almond oil contributes to the regeneration, rejuvenescence and nourishing of the skin, makes the  skin smooth and soft, improves its color.  

Chamomile extract is a natural agent having an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect. It accelerates epithelization, makes the skin soft and tender, emollients and moisturizes, reduces skin irritation.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, a vitamin of «youth and beauty». It slows down the oxidation of lipids and the formation of free radicals, protects skin cells, participates in the formation of the elastic and collagen fibers of an intercellular substance.

Lanoline emollients and moisturizes the skin, contributes to healing small cracks.   


A Body Booster Milk of La Mirange is recommended to use:

  • For the daily care of dry, sensitive, irritation and atopy-prone skin;
  • For the care of dehydrated skin;
  • For the prevention and elimination of stretch marks during pregnancy;
  • For daily care in any other periods of the body’s hormonal changes: periods of adolescence, lactation, menopause;
  • After prolonged sun exposure;
  • In case of a rapid change of body weight;
  • In case of frequent contact with water (swimming pool, hard water at home);
  • For the care of reduced tone skin.

The Body Booster Milk of La Mirange has a lifting effect, moisturizes well, has a tonic action, increases elasticity, soothes the skin, eliminates peeling, has a rejuvenating effect. A complex of components stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that makes the skin more elastic and resistant to stretching, prevents stretch marks. If stretch marks have been appeared, the intensity of their staining will be decreased.

Route of administration

Apply a thin layer on the well-cleaned undamaged skin, allow it to soak up.To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to use several times per day, when the need arises, for at least four weeks.

It can be used as complex dermatological programs in combination with other products of the La Mirange line.

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