Multizan® ProBiotic Baby


5 drops contain 1 billion of  viable lactobacillius (L.rhamnosus).

Pharmaceutical form

Drops 7 ml contain 35 single doses.

Properties of components

Multizan® ProBiotic Baby contains lactobacilli L. rhamnosus as an active ingredient. Lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria) are one of the main families of probiotic bacteria that differ in a number of unique properties:

  • lactobacilli are the first to colonize a child’s intestine when passing through the birth canal, then they penetrate with breast milk;
  • lactobacilli are the only probiotics that colonize all parts of the gastrointestinal tract including the oral cavity, small and large intestines;
  • lactobacilli create conditions for the successful reproduction of other probiotic bacteria, for example, bifidobacteria, due to their high antagonistic and immunological activity.  

Penetrating the intestine, lactobacilli create additional protection for the intestinal wall from pathogenic viruses and bacteria, as well as their toxins. It allows intestinal cells to function effectively: produce sufficient enzymes to digest food and actively absorb nutrients and water. A poor absorption of milk lactose is one of the causes of intestinal colic in children. Lactobacilli produce lactase, an enzyme which contributes to the absorption of lactose and eliminates the cause of intestinal colic in infants. Lactobacilli contribute to a deeper breakdown of nutrients including proteins. The proper breakdown of proteins and a strong intestinal epithelial barrier reduce the risk of the development of food allergy in babies.

L. rhamnosus is the most studied lactobacillus species with proven probiotic properties. Their effectiveness has been proven in over 400 scientific studies. L. rhamnosus is one of the most commonly isolated lactobacilli from breast milk and the intestine of breastfed babies in accordance with a number of studies. L. rhamnosus is recognized as safe in the EU and USA (QRS status according to EFSA, EU and GRAS status according to FDA, USA). 


Multizan® ProBiotic Baby is used as a source of probiotic lactobacilli L. rhamnosus for the development and maintenance of the normal microflora of a child’s gastrointestinal tract in the following cases:  

1. If a child does not receive sufficient probiotic microflora from his or her mother: 

  • children born via caesarean section; 
  • antibiotic therapy in a mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • late breastfeeding after birth or bottle-feeding.

2. If a child loses his or her probiotic microflora:

  • antibiotic therapy in a child; 
  • past intestinal infection (diarrhea).

3. In case of additional stress for a child's digestion, and during special periods of development:

  • in time of introducing weaning food;
  • in case of teething;
  • while moving and traveling.

Route of administration

Newborns and children (from birth to 3 years): 5 drops once or twice per day.  

Children over 3 years and adults: 5 drops 2-3 times per day. The duration of use is determined individually.

Shake the bottle before each use! 

Multizan® ProBiotic Baby drops can be used in a spoon, or mixed with milk, water or food (the liquid temperature should not exceed 37С).

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