Multizan® ProBiotic Uro


One DR-capsule contains 2 billion of lactobacilli of 3 strains  (L.rhamnosus, L.casei, L.acidophilus) and cranberry extract 240 mg with an effective dose of proanthocyanidins 72 mg.

Pharmaceutical form

Enteric delayed-release capsules (DR-capsules) for oral use.

Properties of components

Multizan® ProBiotic Uro contains a combination of cranberry extract and 2 billion probiotic lactobacilli of the well-studied and widely used health promoting Lactobacillus casei group (LCG) as an active ingredient. Due to long experience in the use of these types of lactobacilli for fermented foods, they are recognized as safe in the EU and USA (QRS status according to the EFSA, EU and GRAS status according to the FDA, USA). 

Lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria) are one of the main families of probiotic bacteria that differ in a number of unique properties:

  • lactobacilli have a high ability to colonize the gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts, suppressing the invasion and growth of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • lactobacilli are the dominant microflora of the vagina and urethra;  
  • lactobacilli create conditions for the successful reproduction of other probiotic bacteria due to their high antagonistic and immunological activity;
  • synthesize metabolites that improve the trophism and regeneration of the epithelium of the urogenital tract. 

Cranberry extract-derived proanthocyanidins in Multizan® ProBiotic Uro have antimicrobial properties and a protective action against urinary tract infections. Proanthocyanidins prevent the reproduction and attachment of bacterial cells to the epithelium of the urogenital system, contribute to the elimination of pathogenic bacteria from the urinary tracts.  

Due to special manufacturing technology (freeze drying) the effectiveness of  probiotic lactobacilli is preserved during the shelf life.   


Multizan® ProBiotic Uro is used as a source of probiotic lactobacilli and cranberry extract-derived proanthocyanidins which contribute to maintaining a normal balance of the urogenital and vaginal microflora and reducing the risk of urogenital infections as follows:

  • in case of the risk of bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause;
  • to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections;
  • to improve the functional state of the intestine in case of intestinal disorders after antibiotic intake.  

Route of administration

1 capsule twice per day during meals for adults and children after 6 years.

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