Every person has faced a sore throat at least once in his life. A scratchy throat, tickle (tickling sensation in the throat), discomfort when swallowing and talking are well-known signs.

The main cause of a sore throat is the activity of viruses and bacteria. It is necessary to fight not with the symptom itself, but with the underlying cause.

Nanocolloidal silver is a modern agent, which has a wide range of antimicrobial activity, moreover, is safe and has an effect only on pathogenic microorganisms without affecting the cells of the human body. How does it work?

Common causes of a sore throat

A sore throat is a common non-specific symptom that is characteristic of a number of diseases and is the body’s natural response to infectious inflammation.

A sense of discomfort arises as a result of tissue inflammation or mechanical irritation. There is a great number of nerve endings on the mucous membrane of the pharynx. The irritation of nerve endings by the inflammatory process causes a tickling sensation in the throat, burning, discomfort when swallowing, a feeling of dryness or a foreign matter.

An unpleasant symptom usually occurs in presence of cold diseases, but it can be a sign of more serious problems that require competent treatment in some cases. Most often, the cause is an infection.

Important! The most common cause of a sore throat is viral and bacterial infections.

Microbes are lying in wait for us everywhere. Most often, they penetrate the body by inhaling infected particles from an infected person.

soar throat 

The causes of a sore throat are the following:

  • viruses;

  • bacteria;

  • fungi.


Discomfort in the pharynx often appears after hypothermia. This is a common occurrence for the spring and autumn period. Decreased local immunity creates ideal conditions for the activation of conditionally pathogenic microflora.

Influenza and ARVI are common diseases that cause a sore throat. A viral infection is accompanied by loss of strength, a headache, fatigue, and minor temperature rise.    

The most common bacterial disease that causes a sore throat is angina. Discomfort in the pharynx can also appear in case of scarlatina and diphtheria. All bacterial diseases are characterized by high temperature, laryngeal and tonsillar edema, weakness.

Fungal lesions appear on the mucous membranes as a curdled mass, while body temperature remains within the normal range. Mycoses usually develop in presence of vitamin deficiency and after taking antibiotics.

The right approach to the treatment of a sore throat

A sore throat is the most prominent manifestation of infectious inflammation that causes a huge discomfort interfering with swallowing and talking. However, it would be wrong to concentrate all your efforts on eliminating pain itself ignoring the underlying cause.

Unfortunately, the action of most pharmaceutical preparations is aimed solely at providing an analgesic effect. They do not contain antimicrobial components that effectively fight with the infectious nature of a sore throat.

Attention! It is necessary to fight not with the symptom, but with the cause that led to its appearance.

The intake of antibiotics in case of a bacterial infection is not a guarantee of complete medical treatment. Microorganisms are able to get used to the action of an antibacterial preparation and develop resistance, therefore you need to choose a more potent agent next time.

In case of viral lesions of the throat, the prescription of antibiotics generally loses all meaning, as they have an effect on a bacterial infection only. It should be taken into consideration that antibacterial preparations indiscriminately destroy both pathogenic and beneficial bacteria.

This naturally leads to decreased immune protection. Consequently, the use of antibiotics can do even more harm to the body and cause the development of a more severe form of the existing disease.

Antibacterial preparations are prescribed only for serious microbial infections, and only if the nature of this infection has been identified. For this purpose, it is necessary to at least undergo an examination prescribed by a doctor.

Why is it important to treat even a mild sore throat in viral infections?

The heavy pace of life has the upper hand. Sometimes we do not pay regard to discomfort in the throat. However, habitual negligence in health can lead to serious complications.

A disease is easier to treat at the early stages. Even a minor discomfort in the throat requires our attention.

If treatment is started early, this will help to quickly destroy pathogenic microorganisms and reduce viral load on the body.

It is essential to pay heed to your body and recognize the signals it sends. Sometimes we can rely upon the thought that a sore throat is not so poor, and it will cure itself eventually. This also happens. However, the symptoms will be likely to increase.

Why does the development of chronic inflammatory diseases occur?

The development of chronic inflammatory diseases is due to the ability of bacteria to form biofilms. This makes them immune to most antimicrobial agents including antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance and the ability of bacteria to form biofilms where antibiotics cannot penetrate lead to the development of chronic inflammatory diseases such as chronic tonsillitis or pharyngitis.

This ability protects bacteria from negative environmental factors. Consequently, cells with altered metabolism and signs of resistance and tolerance appear inside a biofilm.

This enables microorganisms to multiply even in the presence of antibiotics, and also to avoid death from an antibacterial agent. 

soar throat

Unique antimicrobial properties of silver nanocolloid preparations

Nanocolloidal silver-based preparations contain a range of very small silver particles, which form a large area of ​​contact with microbes, disrupting the processes of division and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Decreased microbial activity leads to a reduction in the severity of the inflammatory process and relief of disease symptoms.

Nanosilver protects the body not only from bacteria, but also viruses and fungi compared to antibiotics. This substance has the ability to destroy biofilms and increase the effectiveness of treatment with antibacterial preparations.

Nanocolloids penetrate into the biofilm that leads to disruption of its structure. Therefore, microorganisms are bound to move into the planktonic phase where their sensitivity to antibacterial agents is a hundred times as high.

The mucous membranes of the throat and nose are the site of entry for microbes that cause respiratory infections. However, this site of entry will be open only if the mucous membranes are damaged.

Now then, nanocolloidal silver that has immunomodulatory properties enhances their barrier function. A protective film is formed on the surface of shells under the action of the substance that makes the body invulnerable to microbial attacks.

High safety of silver nanocolloid preparations

Nanosilver preparations are a new generation of antimicrobial agents obtained by the use of high technology. They have a wide range of antimicrobial activity, effect at extremely low (almost homeopathic) concentrations.

Their use is absolutely safe and almost has no side effects. It is authorized even for the treatment of young children, during pregnancy and lactation.

Nanocolloidal silver does not cause allergic reactions and dysbacteriosis as compared to antibacterial agents. The substance has an impact only on pathogenic microflora without affecting beneficial microorganisms. Viral and bacterial diseases of the throat when using silver nanocolloids go more easily and quickly, and also do not transform into chronic processes.

Undoubtedly, nanocolloidal silver is the best agent for a sore throat that effects on the cause of an unpleasant symptom. Nanocolloids are deleterious to viruses, bacteria and fungi, but they do not affect the body’s cells.

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