Multizan® D3 50 000



Pharmaceutical form

Coated tablets, 50 000 IU per tablet.

Properties of components

Vitamin D regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the body that contributes to maintaining the muscle's tone, immune system, myocardial function, nervous system and hormonal status.


For the treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency.

Route of administration

Treatment Directions of use Duration of therapy
Treatment of vitamin D deficiency
(25(ОН)D less than 20 ng/ml)
1 tablet 50 000 IU per week 8 weeks
Treatment of vitamin D deficiency
(25(ОН)D 20–30 ng/ml)
1 tablet 50 000 IU per week 4 weeks
Maintenance therapy
(25(ОН)D more than 30 ng/ml)
1 time per 2-4 weeks
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