Global health protection problems are the problems of safety and life quality not only of everyone living now but of all future generations regardless of nationality, faith, color of the skin or political convictions. From 1950-ies the living standards in the world have considerably increased, which brought about dramatic changes in health protection. However, the problem still persists and makes us look for joint solutions.

The start of 2017 witnessed, among others problems, the following ones that must be solved in an urgent and effective way:

  • High premature death rate: every fourth person dies every year before reaching the age of 60.
  • 2/3 of all deaths in the world are caused by cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and diseases of lungs (more than 36 million people die from these diseases every year).
  • More than 7.5 million children under the age of 5 years die every year due to malnutrition or diseases that could have been prevented if properly fed or cured.
  • 6.7 million people die every year from infectious diseases provoked by a low level of general immunity.
  • Every year epidemics kill more people than all wars taken together.

Today global initiatives aimed at improving the above figures are increasingly encouraged. Unfortunately, they are not very effective, the more so as availability of medicines and medical service still remains a political problem. One of the reasons why global health protection problems are still urgent in 2017 is that many people can’t afford medicines against the disease they suffer from, which in general is easily curable.

We at Lamyra do not pursue false aims or priorities on the world market, as many pharmaceutical companies do. Our task for the forthcoming years is not to make profit by selling popular medicines against such diseases as alopecia or impotence, but to prevent and fight off those diseases that carry away millions of lives.

Bioactive substances and preparations offered by Lamyra facilitate preventing and curing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, diseases of lungs and are an excellent supplement in case of malnutrition. They contain exceptional complexes of vitamins and minerals and reduce the  risk of infectious diseases thanks to components that strengthen general and local immunity.

We know that it will be possible to overcome global health protection problems if only the WHO, UNAIDS and other organizations under the auspices of the UN will continuously interact, using the latest achievements in medicine, carrying out research, and monitoring the situation in the world. From our part, we contribute to preventing and curing diseases and do what we can to make our preparations, bioactive substances and complexes of vitamins available to all people around the world regardless of their financial status.

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