Nedal H.M.

Nedal H.M. Daraghmeh (Jordan)

The international group of companies Lamyra collaborates with world leading laboratories and uses advanced scientific achievements in the field of medicine. Own study centers are located in the UAE, Belarus, Malta, Jordan and Algeria.

The company pays special attention to developments in the field of new medical directions. In particular, extensive studies are currently conducting in the field of herbal medicine.

Studies for the company are carried out by scientists with rich experience and authority in the medical community.

Product and Business Development Manager at the Jordan Center for Pharmaceutical Research (JCPR), Amman, Jordan.

Member of the American Chemical Society.


  1. Formulation stablization of certain pharmaceutical drugs. Recently submitted in the European Patent office.
  2. Pharmaceutical excipient, method for its preparation and use thereof. United States patent. Pub. No. US2012/0288529 A1, Pub. Date: 15, Nov. 2012.
  3. Pharmaceutical excipient, method for its preparation and use thereof. European Patent Application EP2384742A1. Pub. Date: 09, Nov. 2011.
  4. Novel formulations for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. European Patent Application no. EP1974751A1. Pub. Date: 01, Oct. 2008.
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