Science and medicine make progress. Scientists are daily developing new medications and methods to treat various diseases, including diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In this article, we would like to report on MSM or organic sulfur, which has a strong therapeutic effect in the treatment of joint diseases, osteochondrosis, and is also a safe pain reliever of natural origin.

MSM’s natural origin

Sulfur is a trace element which has its own nature’s cycle. MSM is one of the richest sources of sulfur contained in some fruits, vegetables and grains in the form of amino acids such as methionine and cysteine. The characteristic smell of onion, garlic and horseradish is attributed to sulfur which is part of them. Our hair curls due to sulfur bonds of cysteine which is an amino acid. Hair straighteners are made to break sulfur bonds.

Sulfur is a mineral that we get from foods. There is a catastrophic lack of it in a modern diet of people. MSM intake normalizes the vital activity of key amino acids in the body, and their deficiency leads to physical and mental pathologies. 

msm muscles and joints

How our body uses sulfur

We all know that human life is not possible without substances such as air and water. Sulfur is also turned out to belong to such vital substances.

Sulfur is involved in the formation of all the body’s connective tissues. But for sulfur constituents, we (and other living beings) would only be shapeless puddles of protoplasm.  

Sulfur provides a structure, the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cell, the efficacy of protective properties of mucous membranes, the intestine’s ability to absorb all nutrients, the elasticity of blood vessels and skin, and also contributes to healing processes.

MSM is the most important ingredient for the treatment of joint diseases. This supplement is mostly used to relieve pain syndrome in the joints and muscles. MSM’s analgesic effect helps fight against symptoms of arthritis, moreover, MSM has a strong anti-inflammatory action.  

MSM contributes to the restoration and treatment of cartilages, as it is a necessary element for the production of its own glycosaminoglycans, the building material for ligaments, tendons, synovial fluid, etc. The use of this dietary supplement reduces pain impulses, does not cause side effects, and improves joint mobility and flexibility. The combined use of MSM and glucosamine increases the efficacy to fight against osteoarthritis.

Sulfur is often called a mineral of beauty due to its ability to stimulate the production of collagen and keratin in the body. It is necessary for thick shiny hair, soft skin and healthy strong nails.

Sulfur is one of the indispensable macroelements, is part of nervous and cerebral tissues. Taurine is an essential sulfuric amino acid, is involved in the formation of neurotransmitters, is responsible for our mood and blood pressure levels. An additional intake of taurine is especially needed for women, since estradiol, a female hormone, suppresses the formation of taurine in the liver. Any additional intake of estradiol, for example, as a medication, enhances this effect.

Sulfur is also one of the main components in the process of insulin production, plays an important role in sugar metabolism. This substance is especially needed for the treatment of patients who suffer from diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Sulfur is a regulator and activator of vitamins B1, B5, B7, vitamin C. These vitamins are poorly absorbed without it.

msm muscles and joints

Signs of sulfur deficiency 

  • Decreased joint mobility and flexibility (crunching sounds in the joints and spine);
  • Muscle weakness and pain;

  • Aggravated skin condition: the skin becomes dull and inelastic;

  • Hair loss, brittle nails;

  • Impaired liver or pancreatic functions, diabetes mellitus;

  • Decreased immunity and high susceptibility to diseases. 

Sulfur should be in a bioavailable form to be absorbed

Notwithstanding that MSM is a substance of natural origin, its concentration in foods is hundredth parts per million that is not sufficient to completely compensate for its need.  

Synthetically produced MSM allows taking biologically active amounts without the need of consuming insane amounts of food, and is not different in its structure and safety from the natural compound.

Safe administration and daily doses

MSM is considered to be so safe as great as water, does not cause significant side effects, an unpleasant body smell or bad breath even at large doses. A daily dose may be from 250 to 20 grams, depending on body weight, health condition and disease duration. However, a dose of 1500-3000 mg per day is most commonly used.

MSM dietary supplements are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are generally recognized as safe (GRAS status) up to 4845,6 mg/day.  

MSM resembles sugar, easily dissolves in water or juice, and has a slightly bitter taste.

MSM should be taken at breakfast and/or lunch and, in any case, should be avoided under fasted conditions due to a possible laxative effect.  

msm muscles, joints, bones

MSM’s mechanism of action 

MSM is a highly soluble substance, easily penetrates the cell, and has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory action when entering the human body. MSM reduces the activity of inflammatory cells, suppresses the production of reactive oxygen species, helps remove free radicals, which have a damaging effect on the body, modulates an immune response through the cross-talk between oxidative stress and inflammation.

It is interesting that sensations associated with such intake appear rather quickly, during the first week: decreased joint and muscle pain syndrome, an increased range of movement, and decreased muscle spasms.

What's interesting is that the study lasted more than 7 months, and an improvement in the results continued even six months later.

MSM’s therapeutic indications 

In case of arthritis (osteoarthritis)

The age-related wearing of joints leads to osteoarthritis, or, in medical parlance, degenerative joint diseases. MSM has been scientifically proven to be ideal for the non-toxic treatment of osteoarthritis. Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce pain, slow down the destruction of cartilage tissue, and improve blood circulation. MSM is not only well tolerated, but it is as active as pharmaceutical analgesics. MSM is non-toxic and has no side effects compared to them.

In case of rheumatoid arthritis

This disease is focused on the elderly. According to statistics, 40% of people over the age of 60 suffer from some form of rheumatoid arthritis. However, the disease can occur at any age. Its autoimmune nature involves a malfunction of the immune system, the activity against its own body. In this case, MSM reacts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, allows achieving disease control and reaching long-term remissions.

For pain relief and quick recovery 
MSM improves the blood supply to the tissues, saturates them with oxygen, and provides nutrients to wounds, scars, and inflammation. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of this supplement help relieve symptoms and accelerate the healing process.
In case of muscular rheumatism (fibromyalgia)
The use of this supplement can alleviate the condition in case of muscular rheumatism. A regular intake of MSM can reduce pain and be an effective and safe source for condition relief.  
In case of problems with teeth and gums
MSM can be an additional agent to fight against gum diseases such as gingivitis and various types of inflammation.
In case of spinal pain
According to the results of treatment involving hundreds of patients, it can be confidently stated that MSM is effective in the treatment of spinal pain caused by osteochondrosis, disc degeneration, etc.
MSM for athletes
Athletes’ professional activity is often accompanied by injuries and sprains, requires a special care and recovery. In this case, MSM helps shorten the body’s recovery period after strenuous resistance and endurance exercises, reduce muscle pain, maintain the normal state of a joint cartilage, contributing to the production of its own glycosaminoglycans.
In case of hair loss and skin problems
MSM intake has a positive effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails, contributes to the production of collagen and keratin. Cosmetologists, dermatologists and trichologists often recommend MSM to their patients.   


New generation of chondroprotectors

In order to treat joint diseases, doctors often recommend taking chondroprotectors, a group of preparations used for the treatment and improvement of impaired joint function.

Multizan Active Bone and Multizan Active Muscle are chondroprotectors of a new generation. The main active ingredient is MSM, a new trend for maintaining joint health.

The preparations contain a complex of substances which help strengthen muscles, joints and bones.

Multizan Active Bone is a complex of MSM, glucosamine sulfate, collagen, calcium and vitamin D3, is used to restore and improve the function of joints, cartilages and bone tissue.

Multizan Active Muscle is a complex of magnesium and MSM, is recommended to be used for eliminating muscle spasms, accelerating a body’s recovery after physical load, increasing the flexibility and mobility of joints and ligaments.  

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