Multizan® ProBiotic Classic


One DR-capsule contains 2 billion of lactobacilli of 3 strains (L.rhamnosus, L.casei, L.acidophilus).

Pharmaceutical form

Enteric delayed-release capsules (DR-capsules) for oral use.

Properties of components

Multizan® ProBiotic Classic contains the probiotic lactobacilli of the well-studied and widely used health promoting Lactobacillus casei group (LCG) as an active ingredient. Due to long experience in the use of these types of lactobacilli for fermented foods, they are recognized as safe in the EU and USA (QRS status according to EFSA, EU and GRAS status according to FDA, USA).

Lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria) are one of the main families of probiotic bacteria that differ in a number of unique properties:

  • lactobacilli have a high ability to colonize the gastrointestinal tract, suppressing the invasion and growth of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • lactobacilli are the only probiotics that colonize all parts of the gastrointestinal tract including the oral cavity, small and large intestines;
  • lactobacilli create conditions for the successful reproduction of other probiotic bacteria, for example, bifidobacteria, due to their high antagonistic and immunological activity.

Due to the ability of lactobacilli to restore and maintain the beneficial intestinal microflora, as well as their proven antibacterial and antiviral activity, they are used to prevent and treat infectious diarrhea including antibiotic-associated diarrhea and a rotavirus infection, reduce the manifestations of diarrhea and bowel dysfunction in case of the inflammatory diseases of the GI tract.

Other important lactobacillus properties include: 

  • creating optimal conditions for the digestion and absorption of nutrients;
  • reducing the manifestations of lactase deficiency;
  • synthesis of vitamins and improving the absorption of calcium and iron;
  • modifying lipid metabolism and lowering cholesterol levels; 
  • neutralizing toxins;
  • immunomodulatory activity.

Antibiotic use, dietary changes and intestinal infections can cause adverse microflora modifications or dysbiosis. Currently, the interaction between dysbiosis and the development of diseases, such as obesity, allergy, asthma, and diabetes has been proven.

The intake of probiotic lactobacilli restores the long-term balance of the human microbiota ecosystem and reduces the risk of the development of dysbiosis-associated diseases. 

Lactobacilli in Multizan® ProBiotic Classic’s composition are resistant to antibiotics and retain their high viability when storing and passing through the gastrointestinal tract. Advanced delayed-release capsules (DR-capsules) are dissolved in the intestine and thus protect lactobacilli from gastric acid damage, ensuring their viability and effectiveness.   Due to special manufacturing technology (freeze drying) the effectiveness of  probiotic lactobacilli is preserved during the shelf life. There are safety data sheets registered in the National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria (NCIMB, UK) for L.rhamnosus, L.casei, L.acidophilus)       


Multizan® ProBiotic Classic is used as a source of probiotic lactobacilli for maintaining and restoring the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract in the following cases:  

  • from the first day of antibiotic intake;
  • for the prevention of diarrhea while traveling;
  • after a prior intestinal infection (diarrhea).

Multizan® ProBiotic Classic protects the intestine from infections, contributes to restoring the balance of microflora and reduces the risk of dysbiosis-associated diseases. 

Route of administration

1 capsule 1-4 time(s) per day during meals for adults and children after 6 years.

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