People aged 35 and over who lead an active lifestyle often face the issues of recovering muscles after physical load and training, protecting the joints and spine from mechanical damage, relieving pain and other discomfort. There are many drugs that have an anti-inflammatory or chondroprotective action. They are recommended to be taken only by medical prescription. 

A new group of supplements that contain methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) helps solve the problems of pain relief and cartilage repair with no risk of side effects.


Biomechanics of joints and the role of sulfur

Sulfur is an important component of methylsulfonylmethane supplements. If there is a lack of this microelement, it is not possible to maintain normal joint mobility.

Cartilage tissue consists of fibrous, elastic and hyaline cartilages, has high mechanical strength and elasticity, forms articular surfaces. There are no blood vessels in this tissue, and thus nutrients penetrate by diffusion from the underlying bone and synovial fluid. The size of MSM molecules is smaller, they are well absorbed into the blood and joint fluid, and also are better able to penetrate cartilage tissue compared to traditional chondroprotectors.

The main material of cartilage is collagen and elastic fibers which are surrounded by an amorphous substance. This intercellular tissue consists of water, minerals and organic components such as proteoglycans and glycoproteins. Proteoglycans are composed of hyaluronic acid, proteins, glycosaminoglycans, keratan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. As we age, there is a decrease in the activity of chondroblasts that synthesize articular cartilage tissue. Proper nutrition of cartilaginous surfaces and replenishment of micronutrient deficiency are essential for its repair.

There is a small amount of synovial fluid inside the joint capsule that surrounds each joint. It is replete with proteins, minerals, contains a lot of water. 

Synovial fluid performs shock absorbing and nutritional (trophic) functions, allows articular surfaces to slide easily and painlessly. Its deficiency causes increased mechanical friction of cartilage, the progression of age-related degenerative processes, and the development of osteoarthrosis.

An important component of cartilage tissue is glucosamine which provides strength and resistance to strained ligaments, articular surfaces, tendons. Chondroitin is part of synovial fluid, binds fluid, helps maintain the joint capsule’s volume, activates the production of hyaluronic acid, is essential for cartilage nutrition.

Sulfur participates in the synthesis of glucosamine and glycosaminoglycans, is part of complex sulfates. It is an important component of cartilage tissue which is necessary for the normal function of articular surfaces. The daily requirement for this microelement is 5 grams. Many foods, especially meat, contain sulfur, but active load can cause its deficiency. Methylsulfonylmethane supplements help replenish the lack of this microelement. They have peculiar small molecules which are rapidly assimilated from the digestive tract, enter the blood and synovial fluid, and are well absorbed by cartilage surfaces, ensuring sulfur bioavailability.


Effects of MSM on pain

MSM supplements has recently gained popularity due to their positive effect on the joints and muscle tissue. They reduce the severity of inflammatory processes, relieve pain and swelling, maintain joint mobility, contribute to a quicker recovery after physical load. The mechanism of MSM’s action is still being studied. However, its effectiveness has already been demonstrated in several clinical studies. Consequently, their analgesic action is only slightly less than the effect of NSAIDs, while traditional anti-inflammatory drugs have many side effects and should not be used to relieve symptoms in functional disorders (for example, joint pain caused by training).

In addition to MSM, Multizan® Active Bone is composed of magnesium. This microelement is essential for the normal contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers and ensures the conduction of electrical impulses through the nerve fibers. Muscle spasm is one of the important causes of joint pain and stiffness. Magnesium regulates muscle contractility, relieves spasms, and thus helping eliminate the causes of joint pain, especially after physical load and training.

Due to this combination of substances with a chondroprotective and antispasmodic action, you can avoid the simultaneous use of several drugs of different pharmacological groups.

Benefits of MSM

MSM supplements have significant advantages over traditional therapy for maintaining joint health:

  • MSM has a sufficient analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect to relieve unpleasant symptoms caused by training. These supplements have no significant side effects, and are safe for use compared to NSAIDs and analgesics. There are almost no contraindications.   

  • The small size of MSM molecules ensures their good solubility in joint fluid and rapid absorption by cartilage tissue. Therefore, the effect of this supplement is visible within 1-3 days. Traditional collagen and glucosamine-based chondroprotectors take effect not earlier than in a month.

  • The high content of sulfur and magnesium ensures a dual effect of MSM supplements: reducing the joints’ pain and stiffness and stimulating the production of their own glycosaminoglycans. This provides a quick repair of joint mobility.


Therapeutic indications

The area of MSM application is any functional joint disorders. These supplements help repair the nutrition of cartilage tissue, activate the synthesis of its components, relieve pain and muscle spasm, and protect the joints during physical load.

Multizan® Active Bone and Multizan® Active Muscle are used to:

  • repair muscles, relieve pain and spasm after active physical load and training;
  • improve joint mobility in middle-aged people who lead an active lifestyle;
  • restore the functional state of the musculoskeletal system after joint injuries, sprains;
  • eliminate the consequences of oxidative stress (pain, swelling) caused by muscle microdamage occurred as a result of heavy physical load. 

Route of administration

To achieve a long-lasting effect, MSM supplements should be taken as a course for 1 month.

  • At the first stage, Multizan® Active Muscle is recommended to be taken for relieving pain and muscle spasm, improving the nutrition of cartilage tissue.

  • At the second stage of treatment, Multizan® Active Bone is recommended to be taken for chondroprotection purpose to strengthen cartilage and bone tissue.  


The duration of a 1-month course effect is 1-3 months. Also, several courses of MSM supplementation can be used throughout the year.      

It is possible to potentiate the effect, strengthen the protection and regenerative processes of cartilage tissue by using a combination of methylsulfonylmethane supplements with any other chondroprotectors and minerals. Phosphorus, calcium, selenium, iron and various vitamins are especially useful for joint health. Proper nutrition helps replenish the requirements for minerals and proteins, enhance the protective effect of MSM.                      

The combination of MSM supplements and traditional chondroprotectors can be useful in many diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as deforming arthrosis, spinal lesions, synovitis and tendinitis, and etc. Healthy people should not combine MSM with other drug products. This provides sufficient cartilage protection and helps avoid the development of side effects and the use of expensive medications.

Multizan® Active Bone and Multizan® Active Muscle contain molecules of MSM and magnesium with a minimum amount of other substances and excipients. The product’s purity is 99,98%. To guarantee a constant concentration of useful substances for each capsule, high grade MSM is used.  

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