Argentocare Delicate gel

Silver nanocolloids, aloe vera, licorice and sage extracts, lactic acid.

Pharmaceutical form

Gel with a dispenser 200 ml.

Properties of components

Nanocolloidal silver, a natural broad-spectrum antiseptic, disinfects, protects against environmental factors, contributes to preventing viral, bacterial and fungal infections that cause inflammation, helps to maintain the health of genital areas gently and safely.

Nanocolloidal silver particles keep and support the natural microflora of the genital area. Licorice root extract increases specific defense factors, blocks the spread of viruses to a cell and reduces the activity of herpes and human papillomavirus infections.

Aloe vera relieves itching and redness, has an anti-inflammatory action.

Sage extract has a balanced antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, contributes to healing, softens and moisturizes the genital area.

Lactic acid maintains the natural balance of the mucous microflora of the genital area, controls and maintains a physiological pH level.


A gel is intended for daily care and the prevention of the inflammatory diseases of the genital area. It is suitable for use during pregnancy, after childbirth, during critical days, after active sports.

Route of administration

Apply a gel on the body's genital areas 2-4 times per day or as the need arises, foam and rinse thoroughly.

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