Folate (in the form of calcium L-methylfolate) - 400 mcg.

Pharmaceutical form


Properties of components

Folic acid in the form of L-methylfolate is involved in the growth and division of cells that contributes to the increase of conception chances, the proper formation of organs and systems, for example, the neural tube in a fetus, the normalization of spermograms, the prevention of anemia.

Folates are involved in the synthesis of proteins and amino acids (for example, methionine of which neuropeptides are synthesized - melatonin, adrenaline, dopamine; cysteine of which keratin, carnitine, glutathione and taurine are synthesized) that contribute to controlling the homocysteine level which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cleaning and renewing the skin, improving sleep, mood and memory.


Source of L-methylfolate. Folic acid in the form of L-methylfolate is a modern form of folic acid, the biological effect of which does not depend on genetics.

Route of administration

1 tablet per day during meals for adults

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